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Lighting and acoustic design

When walking through an exhibition, do you ever ask yourself, “How do I feel?” Are you warm or cold, depressed or annoyed when navigating an exhibition space? Most of these responses are affected by lighting and acoustics, often the most overlooked aspects of exhibitions stand design, despite the crucial impact they have. Lighting and acoustics […]

Stand Materials

Selecting materials for exhibition stand is like selecting materials for a house, only with more extremes at the low and high price ranges. An exhibition stand can be constructed for only a few dollars per square foot out of millwork and plastic, or for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per square foot, out of stone, […]

Design development

With an approved exhibition stand design concept in hand, the designer can proceed to the selection of the specific materials, colours, special equipment, and graphics that will further define the exhibition stand’s character and enhance its interpretive power. Finishes, hardware, and other fabrication details ate considered, though not necessarily specified yet. The nature and functioning […]

Telling a story

Exhibitionstand design spans a wide range of disciplines, but all of them have one important thing in common; they all tell a story. Storytelling consists of four elements: a narrative, a narrator, a path, and a context. Narrative When planning the exhibition, most institutions begin by determining the message that they wish to convey to […]

Trade shows

Trade shows present an organization’s products and services. They are targeted at a specialized audience of purchasers and industry competitors. A few do engage the general public, but often hold a special early viewing for industry members only. With numerous industries hosting events and a single venue having the capacity for hundreds of thousands of […]

Exhibition stand design for trade shows and showrooms

Designing exhibition stands to sell products and services has grown into a hugely profitable industry. The level of design sophistication has also grown; trade show and showroom exhibition booths have now become as detailed as other forms of exhibition displays, to the point of becoming trendsetters for museums and traveling shows. This area of exhibition […]

Environments that communicate

Exhibitions are developed to represent the culture, document the trends, or establish the historical narrative of a certain place and time. Throughout history exhibitions have taken on many forms to support various institutions, ranging from churches to monarchies and cities. While all exhibitions use the environment to communicate, they diverge in the goals of their […]

To Exhibit or Not Exhibit

Expectations, Goals, and Show Search Criteria The overwhelming majority of businesses exhibiting at trade shows focus on obtaining sales leads. But that is not the only possible reason to exhibit. Other reasons include maintaining current business, increasing industry exposure, and making media contacts. You have to be clear about what you are trying to achieve […]

Exhibitor Manual

Access to Exhibitor Manual When you have selected and registered for the exhibition, you will receive the exhibitor guide / manual / kit. This manual contains a huge amount of information, as well as all the forms you have to complete. Most probably you will be provided with a link to the show’s website, along […]

Convention and Exhibition Truss System

Exhibition truss systems are made of strong but light steel that allow trade show participants to make the most of their little exhibit space. This is the reason why the truss is becoming more and more popular these days. If you’ve ever visited a trade show exhibit, then those “shiny metal things” are the so […]

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