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Convention and Exhibition Truss System

Exhibition truss systems are made of strong but light steel that allow trade show participants to make the most of their little exhibit space. This is the reason why the truss is becoming more and more popular these days. If you’ve ever visited a trade show exhibit, then those “shiny metal things” are the so called trusses.

Truss systems are often used as specific components of a larger exhibition stand, but they are flexible and can also be used to build a complete display.Truss components provide the building blocks for a limitless number of variations. Truss components are usually round, box-shape, triangular, or flat pieces designed for an easy assembly process. Truss pieces are constructed of durable steel or composite material and are capable of supporting heavier items such as monitors, lights, or even collateral. Truss components are available in multiple colours and can be used to create artistic displays.

The truss system goes up easily, is stable structurally, sturdy enough to withstand heavy paneling and hanging products and visually appealing. And if necessary, truss systems are customizable enough to become multilevel exhibits.

Another reason why  truss is perfect is their physical appeal – their metallic steely structure is futuristic enough to look modern yet functional in all ways.

Sometimes, exhibition  truss is referred to as convention truss. There is not much difference between the two, except that convention truss systems often provide for more areas of communication and customer relations while exhibition truss focuses more on the exhibits.

Convention truss systems often come in ready-to-construct kits of truss system, lights, built-in counters, cases and color tubes. And of course, they are fully capable of product spotlighting as well with ample areas and facilities for vendors to hang, drape or display their products, graphic panels and LCD monitors. More sophisticated convention truss designs may even come with hidden panels and cabinets for storage of products and convention and trade show paraphernalia.

Exhibition truss systems are an easy, convenient and quick way to set up a sophistically, professional and visually attractive exhibition stand. With the right graphics and exhibit work, any exhibition stand will look unique, while maintaining its appeal to the general public – qualities of which are essential can help ensure business expansion.

Here are a few designs you may be interested in:

- The Box – A simple four by four. Create a symmetrical four-sided parallelogram to illuminate precision and look organized.

- The Open Box – Simple remove the top downstage portion of your box and have the freedom to display larger signs and banners.

- The Triangle – Like the Open Box, the Triangle can provide you with sufficient room for large signs and banners.

- The Open Arch – This design looks innovative and fresh. With a beautiful arch in the background, low side walls, and an open front, your booth will have ample room for large banners and allow customers to easily enter and exit the space.

- The Cross – The x-shaped booth will easily allow traffic in and out of your booth. You can display signs and banners from any corner of the booth.

Choosing your perfect design will be up to you. Think about what you will need and what requirements your products demand. The convention truss can be shaped and re-shaped into so many forms. You have the freedom to take your truss one step further than the guy next to you.

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