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Exhibitor Manual

Access to Exhibitor Manual

When you have selected and registered for the exhibition, you will receive the exhibitor guide / manual / kit. This manual contains a huge amount of information, as well as all the forms you have to complete.

Most probably you will be provided with a link to the show’s website, along with a username and password for secure excess to the exhibitor guide. From here, you may choose to download all the paperwork from the site, create your own binder, and fax in the paperwork to the exhibition. Another option you might be provided with is the ability to access all show details and fill in all order forms online.

Exhibitor Manual Details

A good exhibitor manual contains everything relevant to exhibiting at that show. It covers details such as available services, show hours, setup and breakdown hours, insurance requirements, and rules and regulations.

Most exhibitor guides are similar. However, they are not identical. Areas that may differ include rules and regulations, union guidelines per city, and convention facility requirements. Treat the exhibitor guide like you would treat a contract for buying a house – read it from beginning to end, even if it feels paiful!

Exhibition Hours

As the name suggests, these are defined exhibition hours. These can range greatly from a few hours on a single day to more than a week with 10 exhibition hours per day for a big international exhibition.

It also informs you when your booth staff is allowed on the floor before and after the actual exhibition hours to set up for the day and shut down the exhibition stand at the close of the exhibition.

Exhibition Contacts

The exhibitor giude provides you with a list of contacts who are available to help you with various areas of the exhibition.

Depending on the exhibition, contacts are listed either individually with their respective responsibilities or by department. The typical contact are exhibitor sales, registration, advertising, sponsorship, exhibition manager, services, electrical, etc.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations vary greatly between each show and convention centre, and they are usually very long and often printed in small print. Like most things in fine print, the rules and regulations contain the details that may result in unpleasant surprises if you don’t read them thoroughly. These might include restrictions on height, audio, balloons and food.

Exhibition Stand Staff Registration

Many exhibitions set no real  limits when it comes to the number of exhibitor badges provided. Others provide only a fixed number as a part of your exhibit package , requiring additional exhibitor badges to be purchased.

Most of the time, exhibition stand staff registration is done online. However, some exhibitions might require a faxed registration list. In most cased, you will provide the full name and job title for each staff member who requires an exhibitor badge.

Essential Shipping Details

Each exhibition has a specific shipping information outlining dates, warehousing, destination, and many other useful items related to getting your exhibition stand to and from the exhibition. Shows often provide shipping labels and have a recommended shipping company, normally referred to as the show carrier. While using the show carrier may help with the loading dock procedures, you can use any freight company you like. If you are exhibiting at an exhibition outside your home country, be aware of customs requirements, which are rarely found in an exhibitor manual.

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