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Upgrade Your Shell Scheme!

Depending on your exhibiting needs, renting a shell scheme stand might be a worthwhile consideration.

It especially applies if it is your first exhibition. Booking a shell scheme stand from the organizer as opposed to space only one will also be a better option if your budget is tight or you don’t have time to plan a custom-made exhibition stand.

This is how a shell scheme stand looks like:

If, however,  having booked a shell scheme stand, you still want to stand out from the crowd then you can invest just a little money to upgrade your shell scheme adding a few fabricated items to it.


That’s what we can do:

  • Create a customized reception counter
  • Provide you with a carpet as per your choice rather then the one you are getting from the organizer
  • Rent you more suitable  furniture and Audio/Video items
  • Add some other custom-made items, such as cabinets with storage inside, storage room, or even a raised platform
  • Add graphics on foam boards, vinyl stickers or  make you a light box

Using just these small details will give a personal touch to your shell scheme stand,  and without costing you much will definitely  help catch the eye of your potential customers!

That’s how the UPGRADED shell scheme stands look like:


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