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Retail Kiosks or RMU (Retail Merchandising Unit) are special purpose kiosks which are customized with various accessories to make it a popular storefront alternative for small time retailers. They are ‘mini-stores’ and are also known as Mall Kiosk, Island Retail Unit, Shop-in-shop, Vending Kiosk and so on. Retail fixtures, shelves and visual merchandising is added to the kiosk to make it more appealing.

Malls and other commercial centers have highly fluctuating customer traffic and retail kiosks will help to capitalize on it. Therefore they can be high revenue generators for all kinds of products in the retail sector.

Most RMU’s are let out on temporary seasonal basis by the location owner or manager and in some cases they are owned by the retailer himself. The kiosks are designed to confirm to the design and architecture of the mall or the shopping centre.

Interactive kiosks act as a virtual employee that distributes information on products, latest arrivals, offers and sales, tips, instructions and product demos. They are exceptionally suited for busy retail environments where it is difficult to cater to each and every customer and sometimes they are arranged as free standing booths in large commercial spaces.

Kiosks are great places to engage visitors or demo products. They usually have a place to mount a flat-panel monitor, which makes them ideal for showing presentations or showcasing computer software. They also have counter surfaces, providing space for notes, collection leads, or a mouse and keyboard. Kiosks are not only functional, they give a booth a more sophisticated look. In general, kiosks are a great way to add dimension to your display.

Kiosks can be touch screen terminals which displays products or interactive directories of malls or universities. There are some kiosks which are multipurpose, they offer information, burn CD’s and DVD’s, print, scan and order products online. Interactive Kiosks are vulnerable and need top quality hardware to keep it secure. This will prevent wear and tear and modification by unauthorized people. Tough hardware and software is necessary for trouble-free use by customers and other users.

Wooden displays are beautiful, long-lasting and capable of enhancing both your brand and sales. We’re ready to help you set your products apart and create the retail shopping experience that supports your brand.

Wooden shelf displays are a popular option with merchants everywhere. Wooden shelves are perfect for gift-ware, clothing, and other retail items. Also, you can add containers for an instant classic retail display. Wooden displays will entice customers to purchase your merchandise and fuel profits for you to enjoy.
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