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There is nothing more individual than a designed exhibition stand. Because the stand is specific to your needs, it will certainly be unique and stand out at a show. Custom made stands are usually constructed of wood, metal, or composite material. It is possible tocreate anything you might want, from marble floor to double-story structures.

In case you have your own stand design and looking for a reputable contractor to build it, just email it to us and we will be happy to provide you with our best quotation.

Our professional services include:

  • FREE design conceptualization and development, unique designs
  • Stand fabrication and delivery
  • Installation and dismantling
  • Project management
  • Booking of electricity for your stand and any additional service you might require
  • Liaison with the organizers

Curious to know what the process is? That’s very simple!

Check out the steps below with the pictures of a small stand.

  • We need your design brief to work on the stand design proposal and when it’s ready, we present you the INITIAL DESIGN CONCEPT
    • We discuss it with you and will do all the necessary design  revisions
    • When the design is finalized and the project is confirmed
      we will build your stand MOCK UP:
    • And finally, hand over it to you just before the exhibition starts



    Stand storage

    Let us help you to save your time and moneyStore your stand after the exhibition with us and re-use it again for one or more shows. We shall do all the necessaryrefurbishment when required, and it will look like new again and cost you much less!

    We will gladly:

    • Repair the broken parts
    • Repaint it
    • Re-print all the graphics

    If you already have an exhibition stand

    Do you have a fabricated stand you want to use for the exhibition in Dubai?  Are you looking for a trusted local company who can install it for you here, just let us know! Email us the stand design, specifications and working drawings to get a quotation fast. Then ship it to Dubai and we will install it for you.

    We will do:

    • Installation
    • Project Management and stand maintenance during the exhibition
    • Dismantling
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